The modular pine system

from cradle to cot to junior bed!

Pine wood for healthy sleep - now also available for children's rooms

The concept of a modular pine system from the nursery onwards is one that has preoccupied us for some time after all, healthy and restful sleep should be a natural thing, particularly for babies and toddlers.

In the first months of their lives, babies sleep for up to 18 hours a day  so that they can process their many new experiences and replenish their energy. Sleep promotes a baby's health, wellbeing and abilities thanks to the boost that the immune system receives and the growth hormones that are produced during deep sleep phases.

A sleep system that grows with them

Since pine is not just soothing but valuable too, we found it a pity that cradles can only be used for a few months. This gave us the idea of converting a cradle  to a cot.

The upper baket section can be turned into a toy box or similar, while the underframe becomes the head and foot of the cot. By purchasing the additional cot kit, you can re-use every part of the cradle.

The cot kit consists of a further headboard and foot section, two sides with bars, and a slatted base. Once your little ones are bigger, three bars can be removed; this allows children to get into bed or get up on their own, but still provides protection to stop them from falling out. The slatted base can be set at two heights so that it can adapt to your children's growth spurts.

And that's not all. After a couple of years, your youngsters will declare that they're big now, so they wold like a "big" bed without bars. The you can simply convert the cot into a junior bed. All you need for this is a further conversion kit with  two bed sides, and healthy pine will remain part of your child's life.

Sizes and Accessories

The cradle has a sleeping surface of 80 x 40 cm. Later conversions have a sleeping surface of 140 x 70 cm.

We would be happy to supply our own slatted beechwood base, suitably sized at 140 x 70 cm, along with your first conversion kit.

To complete our range of accessories, we offer selected children's mattresses. Without exception, all mattress foam used supplied by manufactures in Germany who work in line with OEKO-TEX Standard 100. This guarantees that goods have been specially tested for harmful substances. In addition, the foam cores in these mattresses are permanently enclosed in a breathable and flexible hygienic cover to protect the foam core against liquids such as urine, blood or oils.

Easy to clean, durable and unique

The wood surface is untreated and therefore completely natural. Pine is dirt-resistant and can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth.

Please be aware that natural wood - especially pine - will darken over time. We would also like to point out that because this is a natural product, surface may not be uniform.